These two busty babes really need something special to get their juices flowing. There can be no pleasure for them without pain and they have prepared some ways to achieve both. It is the brunette who is tied up today and ready for some bondage lessons.


Her red haired dominatrix has some tools at hand with which to inflict some sweet suffering upon her submissive girl. First a big shiny dildo to penetrate all of her slaves holes and also a power screwdriver for when the need comes to screw.


She puts these two together into one fucking machine in front of the tied up brunette. She puts her lips around it just to check its’ size and when she is satisfied, goes around her slave to se the holes she will be screwing. The brunette is strapped up to a bed with her ass high up in the air and ready to take the dildo.


The fiery red head mistress with big hooters inserts her device into her slaves’ wet pit and turns it on. The drilling continues as pussy fluids are leaking under the pressure of the power tool. The mistress now feels that after this session is over, she might be ready for some drilling punishment herself.

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Little Nora has been naughty today when she went out with her boyfriend and the whole night she was looking at girls asses. Her boyfriend was watching her the whole time, pretending that he did not notice anything, but when they came home he told her that he had caught her.


Being the good little submissive girl that she is, she admits her naughty crimes and gets ready for some over the knee spanking. Her boyfriend first undresses her and grabs her really hard by the cheeks a couple of times, just to soften the meat for the spanking ahead.


He is now on his knee and already the first couple of spanks leave red marks on her behind. But she has been a really bad girl, thinking of other girls when she has her boy next to her, and she deserves far more punishment.


He slaps her really hard a few times and since her moaning is filled with pleasure from the pain he begins to press and rub her now completely shining red ass. Now the big slaps come crashing down on her cheeks and she has to keep quiet, to show she is sorry by not moaning and crying out.

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Now this is how you would want your local bar to look. Nice tables, some interesting stuff on the walls, a cozy atmosphere and a fabulous red head waitress wearing high heels and stockings. Her perfect long and thin legs are just the right match for the platform high heels she is wearing. And when she pulls her skirt up, the site of her firm round ass hidden behind the nylon is fantastic.


She is a true little tease and she likes to bend in front of all customers, but since we are the regulars, we are entitled for a much better show. As she unbuttons her see-through blouse we see that there is little else under it aside for an impeccable pair of hooters. The drama unfolds as the skirt again goes up above her hips and we catch another glimpse between her legs.


The teasing continues as she climbs the table and spreads her legs to reveal that this morning aside from the bra she also forgot to put on some panties. Good thing she had those nylons on or the poor girl would catch a cold. I am definitely coming back to this bar as soon as possible.

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Have you ever wanted your own little kitty cat at home to play with? Now what if she was a petite girl with beautiful feet? Our friend here is enjoying his own little kitty named Brittany. She is giving him a relaxing feet tug job.


Her little feet are just the right size for the dick and it quickly grows. But she is not finished, she is just starting. Her mouth is warm and soft as she blows the cock. The red leather couch is a perfect background for the soft color of her skin as she lies down and lets her man give her a little tongue rubbing. She likes it so much that she goes and climbs up on his ready prick and begins to move.


Her pussy is a tight fit around the dick and she is standing with her beautiful feet on his legs while she hops up and down. It would be a shame to miss the opportunity for some doggie with this petite girl, so our friend takes the initiative. She is real sight and very tight so after a while the guy can not hold on for much longer and blows his thick jizz on her cute tittles.

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Emily Cartwright and Mellie D get things turned up at the House of Latex. If you are into fetish porn, than you don’t want to miss out on these two busty and curvy babes, in their hot latex outfits getting wild and kinky with each other and their extreme toys.


The naughty red head joined her lesbian girlfriend to get each other pumped up with some suction cup titty pumps she has recently purchased. She couldn’t wait to get into the fetish porn, and have the wildest and kinkiest sex with her lesbian lover.


The chicks didn’t need much to get their clothes whipped off and their plump breasts ready to be sucked and pumped until they were totally beet red. The lesbians couldn’t decide whether the fetish pump was painful or pleasurable, as it started sucking all the blood into the tip of their erect nipple.


Once they let their imaginations roam wildly, the naughty babes decided it was time to test it out on their clit. The extreme toy was administered and pretty soon got the pussy plump and red, ready to be spread and teased by each other rotating tongues until they reached and orgasm.

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House of Taboo brings you a very special episode for you to enjoy throughout the holidays! We get two hot lesbian babes together for some harsh dominating treatment, with gaggers, butt plugs and whips getting used to make the naughty girls obey.


The feisty little sluts get wild and kinky as they have the thick straps pulled out on each other. It seems Santa wasn’t one that came to give these babes what they deserved, and instead they take out the BDSM treatment on each other.


Watch the redhead little slut get her lesbian lover bent as she starts finger fucking her soft pink cunt. There is more moaning and mumbling under her breath, as she gets the ballgag choking her and her ass spanked and fucked.


Once the action is heated by the Christmas tree, the lights begging to flicker, and a large butt plug gets pulled out and inserted into the tight anal hole of the little nasty babe. Enjoy the painful fetish porn with the most brutal and spicy girls getting wild and tamed.

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Meet Janet Joy, a young and joyful Gypsy girl who has been curious about BDSM and bondage. Since it was her first time getting taken care of by a horrid mistress, we decided to team her up with the naughty fem dom named Lee.


The hot and tight babe in her striped jail outfit was eager to have her fun with the new little princess she got. The lustful dominatrix hasn’t had much practice on girls, so she gets down to enjoy the bizarre plays she can have and make women suffer under her whips and belts.


Watch as the brunette slave gets rope bound and suspended from the ceiling with her legs spread out wide and totally naked for the painful seduction. The sexy mistress goes over to start to tease her dirty cunt, slipping her fingers inside while the girls screams and moans for her to stop.


There is no speaking allowed when the dominatrix is around, or else there will be some leather straps tying her jaws back. Finally once the submissive girls starts to give herself in, she is released onto the floor to have her cunt stretched out by some hardcore fisting, and obey the commands to lick the fem dom’s clit.

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18 Jun 09

Romantic Feet Fuck

Footsie Babes brings you the hottest young babes with their gorgeous bodies and their sexy long legs, getting naughty and wild in the bedroom with their sexy feet. If you like foot fetish than you will love all the things this curly brunette will do for her boyfriend.


After she invited him over for a romantic dinner, he brought a present for her to try on and meet his most wildest dreams. She pulled out some laced gloves and hot black stockings that she stripped down into with her tight pink pussy bare in between her legs.


Finally the guy could get his feet fetish fantasies fulfilled with an open minded babe who loved to get dirty and nasty and play around with her beautiful feet on his dick. He took out his hard shaft and she got to work right away, stroking it with her pretty manicured toes until he was totally ripe and erect.


Pretty soon there was no more time wasted, and she was stretching out her ass while bouncing her cunt up and down his cock. See her feet in stockings work the rod while his mushroom cap thrusts inside her creamy cunt until he is ready to explode in a load of juicy cream pie.

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For all the foot fetish guys out there, we have some of the hottest babes with their manicured toes taking off their clothes and getting into some hard core fucking with some of the luckiest fellows! Watch Footsie Babes and see their little piggies come out to play, as they get down and dirty with some feet worshiping guys!

gorgeous-babe-with-hot-feet gorgeous-babe-with-hot-feet-2

This episode features one high class slut who loves to get her feet licked and sucked! She gets her legs stretching out to have her toes nippled down, flaunting her dirty little pussy in her mini skirt between her thighs! Pretty soon her pretty feet start working up the thick shaft, slipping and sliding up and down and giving it a nice jerk before she gets down on her knees to give some head!


The blonde babe has the favour return, when he slides his tongue all the way from her feet down her legs, making his way down to her pink pussy and eat out her clit! Don’t miss out on the intense fucking as she gets her fuck hole stretched out to the max, while working her sexy juicy toes on his thick shaft! Pretty soon she gets him off and has his cream pie flowing between her toes!

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Don’t miss out on Mighty Mistress and enjoy the most vivid and extreme HD photos and videos of some hard core lesbian domination! When we got a red head slut into the studio, the domme got really happy to be treating her in some rough slave training!


See as she gets bound in ropes with her huge tits flopping out and her shaved cunt flashing low, getting the muffled victim ready to give in to the forced orgasms she is about to endure!


The hot slut has her huge tits sucked with an extreme pumping machine before proceeding to the hard female domination! Her Mighty Mistress brings out a some huge dildos and starts hammering inside the tight wet cunt that the muffled victim has spread out and ready to be fucked!


Watch as the lesbian domination gets even hotter with a strap on cock that the domme ties on and starts fucking the little slave babe! The hot slave starts to suffer as she pounds it into her virgin anal hole and makes her victim scream out in pain!

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