Exotic hottie Satine Phoenix is gonna test the lesbian sex waters with the hot blonde Darryl Hanah. Sexy dressed babes, wearing nothing but their lingerie, approach themselves in the bedroom and soon enough they are on the bed, paying attention to each others intimate zones.



Satine realized its a lot of fun to dive her tongue into a warm pussy flowing with juices. I thing we just saw the rise of another lesbian star.


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I’d like to introduce you to a sexy playful chick that I’ve met the other day. She wouldn’t give me her name, she just picked me up in a bar and took me home saying she has something to show me. Well, when sexy looking chicks call me over for some fun, I don’t refuse, I mean, who does?


So here I am, walking into her apartment only to see a sex swing above her bed and camera on the night table. Well, I can roll with that, so I was toying around with the camera while this sexy brunette was getting naked and helped herself into her sex swing. I filmed the little whore as she was spreading her legs and massaging her wet pussy.


She was showing off her sexy legs, talking dirty and making me rock hard, she told me she’s a foot goddesses and she could take me to the orgasm city and back with nothing but her soft feet.


I just filmed her as she got more and more hot, swinging over the bed and flashing her legs and quivering pink pussy flesh that she worked furiously, it was clear she isn’t going to last for too long at this pace, and sure, soon enough she crumpled up, panting loudly as she came, and she came hard… What a fun night.

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Check out these two horny nylon lesbians, they have a good assortment of kinks gathered in a shingle cilp. No ordinary man can satisfy those two sluts, Anna and Maria, the only way for them to come is to play together because they love all the same things. It’s all about feet for these two sluts, the rest is more or less just a foreplay.


Licking each other toes and ripping off nylon see through stockings they are wearing and licking every inch of the flesh lower than tights is just the thing to get these two foot whores all nice and moist. They have some toys too, something most woman would back away from.


They have a pair of freaking huge dildos, it’s something to keep their pussies occupied too. Ann works her way in Maria’s pants first and starts screwing her hard with a big dildo while Maria’s licking her feet, it’s not too long before they are both almost ready to cum.


After some more dildo-grinding on both sides they both explode and have a gorgeous squirt orgasms. They can only do this with each other, playing solo doesn’t make them squirty and they don’t know any other lesbian with a foot fetish.

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Millie is a little slut that has a big foot fetish. She loves her own feet so much so she enjoys showing them to anyone who will look at them and adore them. She is always in the tallest and sexiest high heels she can find. Sometimes she tops it up with a pair of see through stockings that go only half way up her thighs.


Also today she decides to wear a short blue skirt so that when she is walking she can surprise people passing by with a short peek to her uncovered snatch underneath. Her absolute favorite thing is to go to a coffee shop in the middle of the day dressed like this and watch the guys’ reactions when she sits down at a table and crosses her legs.


Her transparent platform high heels are keeping her feet stretched for everyone to see and enjoy. Before going out to catch some action, she gives us a final view of what some guy in a pub sitting opposite her will be seeing in just a little while. She spreads her legs to show in full view her tiny twat with shortly clipped cunt hair. We wish you happy hunting Millie.

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Now this is how you would want your local bar to look. Nice tables, some interesting stuff on the walls, a cozy atmosphere and a fabulous red head waitress wearing high heels and stockings. Her perfect long and thin legs are just the right match for the platform high heels she is wearing. And when she pulls her skirt up, the site of her firm round ass hidden behind the nylon is fantastic.


She is a true little tease and she likes to bend in front of all customers, but since we are the regulars, we are entitled for a much better show. As she unbuttons her see-through blouse we see that there is little else under it aside for an impeccable pair of hooters. The drama unfolds as the skirt again goes up above her hips and we catch another glimpse between her legs.


The teasing continues as she climbs the table and spreads her legs to reveal that this morning aside from the bra she also forgot to put on some panties. Good thing she had those nylons on or the poor girl would catch a cold. I am definitely coming back to this bar as soon as possible.

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21 Aug 09

Sexy Foot Fuckers

Miss Kiera Paolo picked up this dude on an evening gala but they soon realized that it was a boring place to be and left for her nearby home. The guy has a big foot fetish and today is his lucky day. He was instantly attracted by her red dress and her high heels. When they got to the place he immediately took her sandals off and took her beautiful feet in his hands putting his dick in between.


Both of them were already a bit tipsy from champagne at the event so it just naturally came to fucking. At first he slowly worked his dick into her tight orifice, but as things progressed they started screwing like crazy. Always when they change the position Miss Paolo would touch his erected cock with those amazing toes, keeping him an inch away form coming.


When she climbs on top of him she starts to flex her toes with the pleasure she is feeling from the throbbing meat penetrating her. They flip and turn and he inserts himself into her little slit from different sides and positions but keeping her beautiful feet close to his mouth at all times. After a steamy session he discharges his payload all over those beautiful red painted toenails.

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Have you ever wanted your own little kitty cat at home to play with? Now what if she was a petite girl with beautiful feet? Our friend here is enjoying his own little kitty named Brittany. She is giving him a relaxing feet tug job.


Her little feet are just the right size for the dick and it quickly grows. But she is not finished, she is just starting. Her mouth is warm and soft as she blows the cock. The red leather couch is a perfect background for the soft color of her skin as she lies down and lets her man give her a little tongue rubbing. She likes it so much that she goes and climbs up on his ready prick and begins to move.


Her pussy is a tight fit around the dick and she is standing with her beautiful feet on his legs while she hops up and down. It would be a shame to miss the opportunity for some doggie with this petite girl, so our friend takes the initiative. She is real sight and very tight so after a while the guy can not hold on for much longer and blows his thick jizz on her cute tittles.

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These Europeans really have a big and uncontrolled foot fetish. And who could blame them when European women have such beautiful feet. Tony works in a ladies foot ware store and he’s got a plan on how to get himself some feet sex.


When Miss Nina Moonlight enters to buy some high heels, he offers her a massage for her weary feet. She accepts and he starts putting some creme on her feet and gently massages them. It’s not long before he gets a hardon and Miss Moonlight notices the fact.


But now she is getting horny too so she asks him if he would like a feet tug job. He barely waited this long as it is, so he whips out his cock and she puts both of her feet on it. It is not long before she wants to taste the hard prick and get it ready for her wet tube.


Tony lets her give him head while he sucks on her toes. Now they are both steaming and without further ado they begin to fuck like minx. Even with his prick in her cunt, Tony still can’t help himself and is constantly licking her beautiful feet.

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While her boyfriend was taking a bath, a gorgeous slender blonde couldn’t wait to clean her hands. She quickly dashed into the bathroom and started soaping up her hands while he made steamy comments on her fine tender ass and gorgeous legs looking incredible in her lacy pantyhose.


The sexy girl was wearing a little top that didn’t need long to be ripped off, followed by the stretching of her nylons that revealed her smooth and slender legs. He grabbed her close and started licking every inch of her thighs while slipping her hands inside her panties to get a feel of her tight pink cunt.


As the tension builds the mirrors started to get steamed up, and pretty soon the babe was totally naked in the bathroom. Leg Action brings you the wildest fetish porn that you will ever see, once the foot loving guy gets his cock stroked and played with by her soft soles.


The incredible babe starts to suck him off, and finger fucks her tight anal rosebud during the sensational event. Finally when he plows his shaft deep inside her juicy pussy, she starts to moan out with please and gets a bursting orgasm all over his rigid rod.

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There is no better way than to get a guy with a feet fetish worked up, than to give him some beautiful toes to play with. This foot worshipping stud, got the perfect combination of a sexy blonde and her immaculate feet on his ripe long cock.


The naughty chick suprised the guy when she strolled into his apartment, with some foot lotion in hand to get him ready to fuck. She always wanted to see how much pleasure was in the fetished man, and couldn’t wait to get her cunt fucked by his huge thrusting shaft.


As the tension built, she slowly got her soles and toes lathered up by his eager hands. At each sensational stroke, his bulge grew bigger in his hands, and pretty soon had his large dick popping out for her to start rubbing. The sexy babe got naked and started massaging his cock and balls with her feet, giving him a stimulation like he has never felt.


During the pleasurable experience he gently slid his hands up her slender legs and slowly penetrated her pussy with his rough manly fingers. The massage turned into the wildest and most passionate fetish porn we have ever seen, until he blasted his cum all over her gorgeous legs.

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