Leanie is a submissive bitch, she likes to get treated like a real whore, her hands tied, butt spanked… you name it, she will take it. So we invited her over for a ride, to be the next of our dominated girls.

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First we prepared her for the action, we tied her up, so she could barely move, then we left her alone in the room waiting for what was coming. I installed a camera in a hidden spot and set it off. A dude walks in and looks at Leanie, standing there tied to a piece of wood, with her ass naked.


The dude came to her, pushing her face to lick his hairy butt, hows that for a foreplay honey? But that was just the beginning. This guy turned out to be quite a perverted motherfucker, with an aparent interrest in Leanies butthole. First he fingered her ass, then he pushed a hook into it, just to replace it with his huge dick later on.

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All the time he kept her tied up, he even came up with his own technique and tied her to a chair pretty hard. Like I said at the beginning, Leanie is a submissive girl, so she hapilly took all he had prepared for her. I have seen a lot, but this slave roleplay was really hot and the best was seeing the girl really enjoying it.


At the end, the guy untied her almost completely and gave her some good ole hardcore anal fucking right on the chair. Once it was over, I could tell they both enjoyed the action a lot. Anything that makes them happy I would say ;)

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