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When Yoha went to see the doctor, she didnt expect the visit turn into a wild fetish orgy, all she wanted was to be screened a bit, but the horny doctor had a different plan with her. He started by looking at her hot body and pierced nipples, but soon placed his focus on her pussy and asshole.


He used some cream to make her pussy wet, then went forward and pushed two fingers deep down her pussy. The slutty patient seemed to enjoy the examination, so he moved on and showed his fingers up her tight asshole. And that was not all of course.


Soon enough he brought some gyno devices and pushed it deep in her asshole. Her ass was tight, but he managed to stretch it out nicely. The it was time for the speculum to enter the fun. He showed it deep into her wet pussy, making good use of the cold steel.


The hot chick was feeling strange, at one side the doctor was causing her a bit of pain, but it was making her horny at the same time. She was never examined like this before, but in the end she was satisfied with what he was doing to her pussy and ass. Looks like shes one nasty fetish bitch and enjoys to be treated this way.

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Get your cocks out and start pumping iron inside once you watch the most gorgeous black haired beauty working herself up at the gym. This sexy babe at FlexyPussy will totally make any man’s dream come true as she strips down naked and reveals her gorgeous tanned assets.


She’s got the hottest tight ass and the roundest perky tits we have ever seen, and she doesn’t waste a minute before testing out her slits while using one of the benches to start stretching. See the big toys that come out to get her flexible pussy stretched out and to see how much she can take.


After a speculum is inserted to open up her tight slits, she takes out some multi colored huge dildos to get herself off. The eager and horny beauty doesn’t waste too much time before she starts lathering up the thick green dildo, and thrashing it inside her tiny hole.


See the up close shots of this steamy episode when the gorgeous girl starts putting beads inside her pink pussy, making her stretched and wide with her soft skin ready to erupt in any second. But the flexible pussy pulls through and she is dripping wet and soggy between her legs from all the work out she gives herself.

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House of Taboo brings you the hottest and steamiest episode with two gorgeous lesbian whores getting naked and dirty in latex sex and testing out their flexible pussy. When a young patient got into the wrong hands, the doctor didn’t go easy on her.


She was put into a straight jacked with her hands tied behind her back and her ass and twat totally naked, ready to be tested out by the most extreme gadgets. The sexy doctor in her tight boots strutted over and started licking the gorgeous face of the young teen, before turning her around and feeling up her tight round ass.

female-doctor-screwing-patient-2 female-doctor-screwing-patient-3

She started playing with the flexible pussy and sunk her hands into the tight cavity, making the patient shiver and moan out quietly. Pretty soon the bondage sex and discipline was on when the doctor removed her cape and started strutting around in her hot latex outfit.


Watch as she gets out her favorite tools and goes over to insert them into the little brunette who is ready to get tested for her flexible pussy capabilities.

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When the doctor left the sexy nurse Nikky Thorne alone in the surgery room for an hour, she got quite bored and started checking out all the stuff there was inside. After finding some probes and clamps, she stumbled on a speculum and made her imagination go wild.


This naughty little new nurse loved extreme objects, and wanted to see how far she could get her pussy stretched. Watch her play around with her new toy and see her flexible pussy open wide in the pussy closeups. The horny little Nikky Thorne hopped on the bed and open her legs wide to start sinking her fingers inside her tight pink slits.

horny-naughty-nurse-2 horny-naughty-nurse-3

She needed to do some vaginal stretching with her hands, before inserting the huge hard speculum. Watch this steamy video and see the most gorgeous and suckable vagina opening wide and having a deep gaping hole in your face.


After she was done with the vagina stretching she grabbed a long red hard shaft to drill up her tight ass. See the extreme girl get out her massive sex toys and do some anal stretching on the bed in her uniform until she gets herself totally hot and wet.

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Thy is a gorgeous black haired beauty who gets most of her teachers turned on in class. The naughty little babe with her long slender legs and her tight round ass, sits in front row and spreads her legs wide to have her black panties flashing out.


She was looking hot as ever in science class and after learning about the pussy she decided to stay after school and experiment with the stretching tool. This sexy babe in her small tiny school girl outfit loved extreme objects, and couldn’t wait to explore the insides of her tight hole.

hot-student-with-flexy-pussy-2 hot-student-with-flexy-pussy-3

See her get naked in the class and start working her pink slits with her hands, until she finger fucks her cunt hole to get her hot and wide for the speculum she wants to shove inside. As she opens her legs wide on the desk, she gets her pussy dripping wet, and doesn’t need any lube for the vaginal stretching.


See the pussy closeups and watch her pink rosebud open wide to get a glance inside. Pretty soon all the vagina stretching makes her so hot and horny, that she can’t wait for her teacher to come in and find her messing around with the massive sex toys she found.

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