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European chicks are simply perfect for bondage lessons! They can be such dominating females and most dangerous dominatrix but they are also the most submissive girls when tied up in rope. This flaming hot blonde has been a really naughty girl in a past life and in this one she is always in need of a master to punish her for her prior sins.


Her master begins this session by tying her arms really hard so she can’t move them. Her sinful lips also have to be closed and after checking the depth of her throat with his fingers, her master puts a ball gag in her mouth and ties it behind her head.


Every pet needs to have a collar and our blonde submissive here is not an exception. Now that she is all tied up and unable to scream, her master grabs hard her pussy lips and pinches them hard. Pleasurable pain is flowing through the blonde’s body and her master sees she is still having fun.


No more fun, it is time for a proper spanking with the leather belt. This is bound to teach the little bitch to behave. The final peace of punishment, penetrating her tight ass, will be dealt by his hard cock while she is still tied to the bed and gagged.

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Little Nora has been naughty today when she went out with her boyfriend and the whole night she was looking at girls asses. Her boyfriend was watching her the whole time, pretending that he did not notice anything, but when they came home he told her that he had caught her.


Being the good little submissive girl that she is, she admits her naughty crimes and gets ready for some over the knee spanking. Her boyfriend first undresses her and grabs her really hard by the cheeks a couple of times, just to soften the meat for the spanking ahead.


He is now on his knee and already the first couple of spanks leave red marks on her behind. But she has been a really bad girl, thinking of other girls when she has her boy next to her, and she deserves far more punishment.


He slaps her really hard a few times and since her moaning is filled with pleasure from the pain he begins to press and rub her now completely shining red ass. Now the big slaps come crashing down on her cheeks and she has to keep quiet, to show she is sorry by not moaning and crying out.

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Lilly has a back problem from sitting in front of her computer too much at work so her doctor recommends some exercises to relieve the stress. She checks out a few personal trainers but decides that to ask her friend Ana, a petite sports college student that knows about these special exercises. Ana accepts under one condition, she has to be the female in control.


These sessions can have a negative effect if not done properly but also Lilly finds that she is starting to see Ana as a true dominatrix. She had thought about bondage a couple of times in the past, but was afraid to share it with her boyfriend. But now with Ana stretching her limbs and touching her body she starts to feel dizzy. She takes off all remaining clothes so they don’t get in the way when she flexes on the floor and Ana also starts to feel a tiny tingle.


She takes Lilly’s legs by the feet and starts moving them around in the air, first together and then in opposite direction. She spreads her legs and savors the sight of Lilly’s tiny slit. The sweaty exercises continue with loud breathing and some occasional moans from the submissive girl.

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If you like fetish porn, than you will love all of the beautiful babes we have for you, getting turned into the submissive slaves they are meant to be. check out a super hot and sexy dominatrix, taking a young blonde into control with her whips and heavy bondage articles.


The raven-haired mistress is really wild and loves all the pleasures of painful fetish porn, not having any mercy on her latest little victim. As the kinky seduction begins, she gets the slut to bend down with her naked cunt spread out in the air, and lick her black boots to see how well she behaves.


When she preforms well, she gets a taste of the femdom’s cunt, and if she doesn’t the stinging whip will start to strike her naked body. The choice is up to the little slave to see how submissive she is willing to get while she is bound and seduced into the roughest sex.


Pretty soon there is no more nice play, and the mistress starts slamming her fingers up the tight pink cunt, slowly working it up to a whole fist that she buries inside the tight little slits. See the mean fetish treatment the naughty girl gets before pleasing her dominatrix with a large rubber dildo.

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Enjoy the pain and pleasures of the wildest spanking treatments that are performed on sweet and innocent looking girls. These naughty babes may look like timid little chicks, but they have actually been caught doing something really bad.


The fetish treatment gets on its way, when a powerful man grabs a hold of their tiny frame and starts striking the juicy ripe asses with his heavy and stinging hands. Check out House of Spanking and see the gorgeous red head chick, get her short jean skirt lifted to have her ripe ass spanked in otk discipline.


At each forceful and repetitive blow, her cheeks start to sting of the hand marks that are left over on her buns, and pretty soon get puffy and red that she will feel for weeks on end. The fetish spanking gets the strict man totally turned on by the punishment, and the glimpse of her gorgeous tight ass getting all worked up and bright right before him. As things get steamy, the slender babe is stripped naked and has her legs spread to recieve a more erotic spanking treatment, taking blows of his fingers that strike her juicy clit.

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If you are into fetish porn than you will love all the steamy action we have for you at Mighty Mistress. Here we feature the hottest and wildest dominatrix babes, ready to tease and tame a piece of shit slut with their whips and canes.


The harsh BDSM gets really wild and crazy once the nude little chicks are bound and suspended to be spanked and slapped before getting themselves totally used and fucked. Check out this complete bondage virgin who just can’t wait to get her cunt whipped while she feeds on a ball gag.


The pain is pleasure-able and stinging, making her moan and scream under her breath as she gets herself totally turning bruised and red. Once the painful fetish sodomising begins, there is no turning back and she has her cunt fucked by large objects and shockers, to see how much she can tolerate.


Enjoy the brunette mistress getting all the wild and kinky bondage fucking implements out to torture her little lesbian slave in the fetish videos.

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House of Taboo brings you a very special episode for you to enjoy throughout the holidays! We get two hot lesbian babes together for some harsh dominating treatment, with gaggers, butt plugs and whips getting used to make the naughty girls obey.


The feisty little sluts get wild and kinky as they have the thick straps pulled out on each other. It seems Santa wasn’t one that came to give these babes what they deserved, and instead they take out the BDSM treatment on each other.


Watch the redhead little slut get her lesbian lover bent as she starts finger fucking her soft pink cunt. There is more moaning and mumbling under her breath, as she gets the ballgag choking her and her ass spanked and fucked.


Once the action is heated by the Christmas tree, the lights begging to flicker, and a large butt plug gets pulled out and inserted into the tight anal hole of the little nasty babe. Enjoy the painful fetish porn with the most brutal and spicy girls getting wild and tamed.

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Fetish is all around the world, fetish is fun, and fetish is exciting. Get a load of the hottest and most stinging spanking fetish porn we have for you at House Of Bound. These gorgeous babes, get their legs spread, and their juicy asses whipped by heavy handed males who take them under control.


The feisty little brunette in this episode gets bound with her face in a paper bag, once a nasty dominator seduces her with pleasure and pain. The gorgeous tanned babe, with her cute solider gear is rope bound with her neck tied up to a tree, and gets a treatment of some harsh ass smacking while her ass is bared.


With each hit her gorgeous and juicy ass ripples and shakes, getting large indents of fingerprints to form on her smooth skin. Pretty soon the fetish expert, gets out a brutal weapon to make the young slut learn her lesson.


He grabs the shovel that she uses to dig holes, and starts tapping and spanking her ass in the fetish bondage porn. Check out the babe with her legs spread out wide, getting the most mind blowing treatment of her life, screaming out in pain and shock.

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If you like fetish porn as much as we do, than don’t miss out on this sizzling hot episode we have at Mighty Mistress. Gabriella’s already been our sex slave so she knows what to expect. She arrives to have a new femdom treat her in some of the most perverted and sadistic games we have ever seen.


The sexy brunette gets tied up and hung in rope bondage, with her naked body getting squeezed through the cutting strings. A whip is taken out, and starts striking her tender skin, getting her to suffer through the painful fetish treatment.


As the mistress gets wilder, to have her dreams and wishes turning into reality, the babe is forced to take clamping of her tongue, and stimulation of her cunt. We don’t know how much harsh fetish porn this little beauty can take, but every step closer to make her cum is a step we don’t want to miss out on.


Watch as tears begin to roll down her cheeks, and she gets seduced into some harsh pussy pounding, having her pink clam stretched out by a big dildo and a huge thrusting fist. The dominatrix chokes the babe while giving her some extreme and hardcore slamming inside her smooth twat hole.

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Wouldn’t you like to be tied up like this lucky guy? Look at him all helpless in the hands of this gorgeous Domino Lady. She is truly a beauty – her body is perfectly shaped with gorgeous big natural tits and tremendous long legs in hot see through stockings accentuated with her sexy high heels.


She whips his ass and his flaccid cock, bends him over like some poor schoolboy and gives his sorry ass some serious whipping until it is red and sore from her nasty blows. Oh yes, look at that wonder of nature – how can something so beautiful be so cruel?


She grabs him violently by the head and jams his submissive face between her long legs. Lick that hot pussy you sorry little faggot! I want you to stick that tongue all the way in there and drink those nasty love juices that are dripping from it.


Her tight pink cunt is just radiant with perverted pleasure she gets from submitting this poor schmuck. Take that you little boy! She gives that white ass some nasty perverted whipping and gets fantastic kicks out of it!

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