12 May 09

Lesbian Anal Doctor

When this sexy sex doctor found a bitch out on the streets lying completely naked, she brought her into the clinic to get her treated! Watch as the little bitch lays down on a mattress totally relaxed before doctor porn pulls on some gloves and goes over to examine her!

lesbian-doctor lesbian-doctor2

The hot brunette sex doctor has her tits out in the air with her pussy left to catch the wind in between her legs! This is the uniform she loves to work in and slides down to start doing some test on her patient!


Watch as she spreads the bitch’s ass cheeks and inserts two gloved fingers into the tight anal hole! Pretty soon she pulls out a needle and puts a dose of medicine into the tight hole! After cleaning out the tubes with her gloved hand, doctor porn gets out an anal probe and sticks it inside to see how far it will stretch!

doctor-treating-ass doctor-treating-ass2

The little bitch starts squirming around and moans out in pain but has it left inside while doctor sex slides her twat up to her face to get the bitch to lick it out!

Last Modified: May 12th, 2009
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