21 Aug 09

Sexy Foot Fuckers

Miss Kiera Paolo picked up this dude on an evening gala but they soon realized that it was a boring place to be and left for her nearby home. The guy has a big foot fetish and today is his lucky day. He was instantly attracted by her red dress and her high heels. When they got to the place he immediately took her sandals off and took her beautiful feet in his hands putting his dick in between.


Both of them were already a bit tipsy from champagne at the event so it just naturally came to fucking. At first he slowly worked his dick into her tight orifice, but as things progressed they started screwing like crazy. Always when they change the position Miss Paolo would touch his erected cock with those amazing toes, keeping him an inch away form coming.


When she climbs on top of him she starts to flex her toes with the pleasure she is feeling from the throbbing meat penetrating her. They flip and turn and he inserts himself into her little slit from different sides and positions but keeping her beautiful feet close to his mouth at all times. After a steamy session he discharges his payload all over those beautiful red painted toenails.

Last Modified: August 21st, 2009
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