3 Sep 09

Submissive Girl Training

Lilly has a back problem from sitting in front of her computer too much at work so her doctor recommends some exercises to relieve the stress. She checks out a few personal trainers but decides that to ask her friend Ana, a petite sports college student that knows about these special exercises. Ana accepts under one condition, she has to be the female in control.


These sessions can have a negative effect if not done properly but also Lilly finds that she is starting to see Ana as a true dominatrix. She had thought about bondage a couple of times in the past, but was afraid to share it with her boyfriend. But now with Ana stretching her limbs and touching her body she starts to feel dizzy. She takes off all remaining clothes so they don’t get in the way when she flexes on the floor and Ana also starts to feel a tiny tingle.


She takes Lilly’s legs by the feet and starts moving them around in the air, first together and then in opposite direction. She spreads her legs and savors the sight of Lilly’s tiny slit. The sweaty exercises continue with loud breathing and some occasional moans from the submissive girl.

Last Modified: September 3rd, 2009
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